Daily Motivation | 10 Ways To Stay Fit & Healthy During Quarantine 💯

We know that quarantine is a very difficult time for many, and it's important to stay healthy and fit even with gyms and many activity centres closed.
1. Ditch the Car
One of the few places open to the public is the shops. If you're only picking up a few things, walk instead of driving for an easy way to stay fit.
2. Work with a Trainer Remotely
You don't need access to the gym to work with a personal trainer. Many PTs are offering remote sessions through Skype, Zoom etc.
3. Follow a YouTube Workout
Why not use YouTube to find a yoga tutorial, or a follow-along HIIT class?
4. Get Creative
No weights? No problem. You can use household objects such as books, jumbo bottles of laundry detergent, or cases of water/soda.
5. Follow a New Diet
With most of us at home, now is a great opportunity to use the extra time to cook proper, healthy meals.
6. Keep A Fitness Log
Tracking your progress in fitness/weight loss, etc can be a really good motivator - seeing results will push you to keep going!
7. Stretch Regularly
This is perhaps the easiest thing to do on the list, so why not start right now? Stretch regularly to keep yourself flexible and avoid cramping.
8. Buddy Up
Team up with a friend or family member and motivate each other to stay fit. Whether you workout together over video call, or meet up in a park, you can work out with your gym friends even during these difficult times.
9. Get Plenty of Fresh Air
It's summer time! Get the windows open and keep fresh air running though your home. If you have a garden, try to spend some time in it every day; if you don't try to get a minimum of 10 minutes outdoor time in each day.
10. Get the Kids Involved
Nothing burns calories like running around after little ones. If you have kids or younger siblings, spend some time playing with them (especially outdoors). They'll cherish the time with you, and you stay fit.