Daily Motivation | How To Work From Home Like A BOSS 💯

You're probably tired of hearing about the CoronaVirus, but the truth of it is that it's still an issue, and it's got many of us around the world working remotely. For some people, it will be for the first time ever, and approaching work in a different way can be a scary change. However, LFY is here to help. 
In this blog, we'll be sharing our top tips to work from home like a boss 💪🏻 After all, we're all in this together.
1. Set A Workstation
We know it's tempting to get a bit too comfy when working from home. However, the truth is that doing work in bed, or on the couch, will reduce your productivity, as your mind associates the space with rest. Set up a desk, if you can.
2. Ensure You Retain A Work/Personal Life Divide
Working from home can make it hard to draw a line between work and your personal life, but this divide is important! When you finish work for the day, set your laptop/work apps to 'away' and shut them down until your next shift. This is proven to increase performance, and will keep your work/life balance healthy.
3. Set Yourself A Schedule
Before you go to bed, try to have a schedule in mind for the next day, whether that's 9-5, 10-2, etc. Ideally, you'll need to match this up with your office hours (if you're salaried and expected to work certain hours). However, if you're self-employed or have a flexible timetable, set what you think is a reasonable schedule.
4. Utilise Your Most Productive Hours
Following on from number three, if you have flexibility, match your schedule to your most productive hours. For example, I know that I am most productive around lunch time, and then I get a second energy in the evening; thus, I work late morning to early afternoon, and get some more done around 7/8pm. You'll soon know what works for you!
5. Dress For Success
Just because you can work in your pajamas, doesn't mean you should. Getting dressed and ready in the morning gives your brain time to fully wake up, and puts you in a better frame of mind to work.
6. Keep To Do Lists
This one applies in or out of the office. Keeping to-do lists will help keep your mind on your work, especially at home with no boss to prompt you. A quick glance at them will help you prioritise tasks, and reduce the risk of you forgetting anything.
7. Save Your Money
One of the glorious things about working from home is that it can save you money. Forget commuting costs, for a start. Then, there's the money you save making your own hot drinks (sorry, Starbucks) and the money saved from eating what you have in the fridge. Close your UberEats app, and open your cupboards.
8. Use Background Music
You need to be selective about your background noise. TV can be distracting, and you might find your concentration slipping. I would recommend you use YouTube and play quiet background music (ideally without lyrics). My favourites are: Instrumental Music for Working in Office and LoFi Beats To Study To.
9. Keep In Contact With Colleagues
Working from home can feel a bit isolated if you're used to a bustling work environment. If you don't already have one, make a group chat in WhatsApp/Messenger/Teams/Zoom. Share pictures of your new work from home stations, what you're working on, etc and just keep in contact.
10. Set Ground Rules With Others
If you're at home with the kids/family/pets, make sure you set some boundaries to ensure productive working hours. For example, make sure family know you're busy and not to be disturbed (especially if you have to make work calls!). If you have young children, have someone watch them (where possible) and if they're older, ensure they know you're only to be disturbed for important questions.
The LFY Team wish you and your family health and happiness during these difficult and uncertain times. Keep faith, normality will return.
Written By: Lois Jackman