Daily Motivation | Ten Best Apps for Productivity 💯

Technology has a reputation for being a distraction, but if you use it right it can be a tool for success! Here's ten apps you can download, for free, to help achieve your goals, keep healthy, and improve your life in general.
Laptop, phone, notebook and cup of coffee in woman's hands, working hard, being productive
1. Trello
If you're a visually motivated person Trello is a fantastic app for productivity. You can create task 'cards' and arrange these cards on your personal 'to-do' board. A fun twist on a standard to-do list.
2. EverNote
EverNote has been a productivity app chart-topper for years, and there's a good reason why. This all-in-one app allows you to take organised notes, incorporate pictures and audio, and keep all your documents organised. More exciting than Word, it's a great app to keep track of everything from random ideas to school essays.
3. Drink Water Reminder
You may have noticed by now from our other blogs, but here at LFY we know the value of staying hydrated. This clever app used a lot of factors to work out the right amount of water for you to drink a day, and sends you notification reminders. It's also got some neat graph features!
4. Way of Life
Got some bad habits to break? Got some good habits to start? This app allows you to set yourself habit goals, and keeps track of your wins (and slip ups). It uses a simple green/red chart to keep track of your progress, and you can keep track of multiple habits at once.
5. iWish
Dare to dream big! This app allows you to create a bucket list and life goal list with stunning visuals. This app is in it for the long run, and helps you remember what you're working towards. Whether you're aiming for a dream vacation, your first home, a skydive, or all three, iWish will help you keep your eyes on the prize.
6. MindMeister
This app takes a different approach to more traditional note taking apps, and allows you to create simple but beautiful mind maps. It uses pastel colours to make it easy on the eyes, and it's a refreshing way to organise your thoughts.
7. ScanBot
Essentially, the app works as a mini scanner using your phone's camera, and creates neat, PDF documents which you can save, print or email. Use it to eliminate off-centre, dark, camera roll photos of important pages. This app will come in handy in more ways than you think: whether it's a contract at work, a recipe in a friend's cookbook, or a page in a library textbook. Keep it safe.
8. MyFitnessPal
This app can track both your calorie intake and your exercise. Once you've input your overall health goal, it will make you a fitness plan. This app uses a combination of 'streak scores' and notification reminders to keep you both focused and motivated.
9. PocketLife Calendar
This calendar is stylish, practical, visual and easy to use. A fun twist on the classic phone calendar, the colours and designs make this app inviting to use, and did I mention you can personalise it?
10. Flora
Finally, this app can be used to keep you from using your phone as a distraction. Choose a 'no-phone' time (e.g. 30 minutes), leave the app open and lock your phone. During this time, a tree will grow on the app; if you close the app before the timer runs out, your tree dies. It's simple, but it does work, as human nature means we don't like to fail a challenge.
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Written By: Lois Jackman