Daily Motivation | Top Tips To Motivate You 💯

Achieving goals takes time and dedication, but with enough motivation and effort you can do whatever you set your mind to! So how can we ensure we're doing the right thing to achieve our goals? Well, heres 10 top tips that are going to help you get motivated and succeed!
1. Set a Time Frame
Setting yourself deadlines will help ensure you stay on track, and having an 'achievement date' in mind will help in preventing procrastination. 
2. Set Milestones
Setting 'mini goals' is a great way to make achieving a goal more manageable. The jump from start to finish can be overwhelming, so setting milestones helps keep you level headed and will motivate you to keep moving forward. For example, if your goal is to write a book, one of your milestones could be to think of a title, or to finish the first 3 chapters.
3. Be Realistic
Make sure you're being realistic with what you're asking of yourself. If you choose an unrealistic goal then you will become demotivated when you find that you cannot achieve it.
4. Do Your Research
Make sure you've researched into the steps you'll need to take to achieve your goal. This way, you will have a broad understanding of any challenges you may have to overcome; this will also help you set realistic time frames for yourself. For example, if your goal is to run a local marathon, check event dates in advance and research training methods that will help you prepare.
5. Be Resilient
If one part of your plan to succeed is proving difficult, or if something goes wrong, do not become demotivated! Focus instead on what you learnt from the experience and use that knowledge to help you succeed.
6. Ask for Help
Success doesn't have to be a one-person journey. It's perfectly okay to ask for help and advice, especially from those who have achieved a similar goal to yours in the past. Let their success inspire yours!
7. Keep A Journal
Keep a notebook (or a Word document!) to track your thoughts, successes, setbacks and project notes. You can use it to track your progress or pen-down any thoughts that might help you further along the line.
8. Keep Positive
It's so important to stay positive! This isn't to say that every second of the process will be joy-filled, but it's essential to keep in mind the reason you set yourself the goal in the first place, and how happy you will be once you achieve it.
9. Make Sure You're Physically/Mentally Ready
Make sure you're in a good place to achieve your goals, both physically and mentally. You need a clear head to progress with your goals, and you will find it significantly harder to achieve them if you're not physically prepared. It's simple things like staying hydrated whilst you work that make the difference!
10. Be In It With All Your Heart
- You have to really want your goal. Really, really want it. Choose something worthwhile that will bring you great joy to achieve.
Written By: Lois Jackman